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We’re not sure if you can learn all about all 1000 wineries in Greece, but this is definitely where you can start! Whether you’re a wine professional or an amateur wine lover, we have put all the information you will ever need for Greece’s key wineries at-a-glance for your convenience.

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Gaia Wines

Nemea & Santorini, Greece

GAIA Wines was founded in 1994 by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Leon Karatsalos. We own two modern wineries that are located in two of the most interesting and promising P.D.O. areas of Greece, Nemea in Peloponnese and Santorini. Gaia’s main aim is to present the potential of the indigenous Greek grape varieties in the wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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Ktima Tselepos

Rizes, Arcadia

Yiannis and Amalia Tselepos carry on this age-long tradition. In their search for the right location to create their vineyard, they chose the soft soil hills in the fringes of the historic Mt. Parnon and in 1989 they established Tselepos Winery.

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Muses Estate

Askri Voiotias, Greece

In ancient times, the idyllic scenery of the valley was home of the 9 Muses, daughters of Zeus, and of Hesiod, one of the greatest poets of ancient Greece, who was born and wrote his works in ancient Askra, a city “rich in grapes” as it was called at that time, the modern Askri. This is the place where the vineyards of the Muses Estate lie.

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Domaine Hatzimichalis

Atalanti, Central Greece

Domaine Hatzimichalis was founded by Dimitris Hatzimichalis in 1973. He started planting vines in the recently acquired 9 he (20 acres) of land in the region of Atalanti in Central Greece, following an ancient tradition in viticulture, confirmed by numerous testimonies and archaeological evidence.

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Domaine Bairaktaris

Nemea, Corinth

A family business, which is based on its private vineyards, well rooted on the valley of Nemea, where the fascinating ecosystem and the local climate, in combination with clayish fertile soil, give us the well-known wines of Nemea.

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Fteri, Mantinia

The Troupis family has a long history of work in agronomy dating back to the ’70s where vines, fruit baring trees and flowers have been grown and sold from their nursery in Mantinia.

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Kokkinogia, Drama

Ktima Pavlidis is situated in the region of Drama, in northern Greece, It was founded by Christoforos Pavlidis in 1998 after a long search for suitable sites for quality grape growing.

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Alpha Estate

Amyndeon, Florina

Alpha Estate is the brainchild of two visionaries, the second generation Vinegrower Makis Mavridis and the Bordeaux trained Winemaker Angelos Iatridis. Their aim is to promote the contemporary Greek vinegrowing and winemaking to the world.

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Dourakis Winery

Chania, Crete, Greece

The Dourakis family ethos and proud tradition is characterised by knowledge, skills and extensive experience in winemaking. The family winery prides itself in creating products of high quality using scientific care and respect of traditional methods.

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Domaine Skouras

Μalandreni, Argos, Greece

Skouras wines are thrilling and all show the hallmarks of their creator: intensity, vibrancy and complexity, all expressed with elegance, grace and nobility. In Domaine Skouras, the wines are engraved by the character of their terroir.

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Domaine Harlaftis

Nemea & Attiki, Greece

Τhe Harlaftis winery has established its position as a modern wine-making business, with a consistent and strong track record over the years in the production of quality wines, made to rigorous specifications.

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TSANTALI Vineyards & Wineries

Northern Greece

The Tsantali family has been cultivating vineyards, making wines and distilling ouzo and tsipouro since 1890. Evangelos Tsantalis, second generation winemaker and one of the most charismatic figures in the Greek winemaking history, has rendered the local family business into a rapidly developing brand name, always at the forefront of innovation.

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Ktima Gerovassiliou

Epanomi, Thessaloniki

Ktima Gerovassiliou has been involved in vine cultivation and winemaking since 1981. On the slopes of Epanomi, a few kilometers away from the city of Thessaloniki, a meticulously well-cared vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the renowned Ktima Gerovassiliou wines are produced.

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La Tour Melas

Achinos, Stylis, Greece

We bet that we could produce a 1st growth wine in Greece. We took up the challenge and in 2000, decided to plant the vineyard at La Tour Melas. Earth analysis revealed the Soil would be perfect for planting Merlot, and Cabernet Franc vines.

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Manousakis Winery

Vatolakkos, Chania, Crete

A boutique winery in Chania, Crete producing organic wines from local and international grape varieties. Our philosophy at the Manousakis Winery is just as simple. We believe in carefully and organically cultivating our vines to absorb this scent-filled terroir.

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Diamantis Winery

Siatista, Greece

At the beginning of the town (Siatista), in the district Gerania, our traditional stone-built mansion/winery is situated and reached through picturesque little alleys. Its state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the quality of our wines and its capacity fully covers the production of our private-owned vineyards as well as some of the other vine growers from the city of Siatista who have chosen to collaborate with us.

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Attiki & Nemea

Strofilia began producing wines in 1981 from grapes grown in its vineyards at Anavyssos, Attica. The company built its first small winery a few years later, which remained in service until its production activities were moved to a new, contemporary and fully-equipped winery in Anavyssos.

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Triantafyllopoulos Vineyards

Miniera, Asfendiou, Kos

On the beautiful island of Kos, at the center of the island, at the foothills of Mt. Dikaios, in the welcoming land of Asfenidi where since ancient times has been producing renowned wines, the Triantafyllopoulou Vineyards has been creating its own legacy.

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Domaine Porto Carras

Neos Marmaras, Chalkidiki, Greece

Domaine Porto Carras is the largest organic Greek vineyard with total area 500 hectares. The idea of reviving this area around 60s, deciding to utilize all the potential of the valuable dowry that nature had bestowed on the unique western costs of Sithonia was the mark point of Greek oenology.

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Estate Chrisohoou

Strantza, Naoussa, Central Macedonia, Greece

The winery is not only a place of wine production, but constitutes an interesting place to visit for those who wish to reveal the secrets of winemaking.

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Theopetra Estate

Raxa, Trikala, Greece

TSILILIS K. S.A. is a winery-distillery producing wines and grape spirits. Among our spirits, there is our famous Tsilili Tsipouro, tsipouro is the Greek version of Pisco, and the 5-Year-Old Dark Cave Tsipouro. There are all produced from fresh grape marc, distilled, aged and bottled in our distillery.

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Ktima Kokotou

Attiki, Greece

The Kokotos estate dates back to the 1970s when George Kokotos and his family decided to settle in Stamata, abandoning city life to build their home and create a small vineyard in the hills north of Athens.

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Lykos Winery

Malakontas, Evia, Greece

Lykos Winery was founded in 1991 by Apostolos Lykos and is located Central Greece at the beautiful Island of Evia, just 80 km from Athens at the area of Malakonda - Eretria.

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Domaine Paterianakis

Heraklion, Crete

Crete has the longest wine production history across Europe, over 4000 years! The vine growing in Crete is part of its lifestyle. Only when you visit this discrete island you are going to realize how distinctive is the domestic vilification for each household that holds over the years.

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Gavalas Winery

Megalochori, Santorini

The Gavalas Winery is a traditional family winery located in Megalochori, Santorini, with a tradition in winemaking for more than 300 hundred years. George Gavalas, who is the winemaker, is the 4th generation that continues this long history.

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Katogi Averoff


Katogi Averoff came into operation in 1958, when Evangelos Averoff replanted the Metsovo vineyards; it is now in its sixth decade of a continuous presence in the Greek world of wine.

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Douloufakis Winery

Dafnes, Crete

Nikos Douloufakis and his family are proud third-generation winemakers taking care of their vineyards located in the heart of Dafnes, a village just south of the city of Heraklion on the island of Crete, Greece.

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Koutsi, Nemea, Peloponnese

Founded in 1979, Semeli is a leading Greek winery and one of the country’s most significant wine-related developments. With deep roots in time-honored traditions and our eyes on the future, we produce wines of exceptional quality offering consumers best value for money.

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Domaine Sigalas

Oia, Santorini

The winery of DOMAINE SIGALAS is located in the North side of Santorini, on the plain of Oia. The most vibrant variety of the Mediterranean region, Santorini’s Assyrtiko, as well as the varieties Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano express the island’s unique “terroir”.

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Naoussa & Amyndeon

Kir-Yianni was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris, one of the leading figures in the Greek wine industry, when he left the Boutari Wine Group, the premium family wine company that his grandfather established in 1879.

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Lacovino Winery


The Lacovino Winery is located in the heart of the valley of Eurotas River in Vlachioti, Laconia. It is a state-of-the-art wine-making establishment, specially designed to harmoniously blend in with its natural surroundings.

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The winery, founded in 2006, is located 5 km away from the city-centre of Veria, 15 km away from Naoussa and 75 km away from Thessaloniki. The winery consists of the winemaking, ageing and maturation facilities, as well as the bottling and storage areas. In addition, an exhibition hall is available.

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Anatolikos Vineyards

Avdira, Xanthi

The private vineyard located at the lands of Avdira,Xanthi, in Thrace. In Avdira city, being known from ancient times as a city of Thrace, begun the struggle for the revival of the well-famous ancient vineyard in 2000.

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Domaine Michaelidi


The 30 acres of the privately owned vineyard by Domaine Michaelidi expand amphitheatrically in Aghios Athanasios and Kyrgia, Drama. The place is situated in northeastern Greece, close to the site of Ancient Philippi, in the land of Edones which boasts of a wine tradition of 2.500 years.

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Domaine Zacharioudakis


Domaine Zacharioudakis was created at the top of the hill “Orthi Petra” located in the south part of Crete, at an altitude of 500 metres, north of Gortina, next to the village Plouti. Within the 2000 m² organically cultivated vineyard, the state-of-the-art winery with its unique architecture was built.

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Domaine Kikones


Domaine Kikones organically cultivated vineyards are located in Maronia, Thrace and cover a surface of 10ha in total. Vassilis Tassou, Domaine Kikones Vineyard Manager, is in charge of the organic cultivation and ensures the high quality of the grapes produced with the least technological intervention possible.

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Bougiouris Winery

Erithres, Attiki

The love for wine, and respect for the production process, led the family of George Bougiouris to create The Bougiouris Estate. The Estate was created  in 2006, when the first vines were planted.They were mainly Greek (Malagousia, Roditis, Assyrtiko, Athiri) and also  international (Merlot) grape varieties in 25 acres situated on the slopes of Mount Cithaeron  in Erythrae of West Attica.

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The history and philosophy of NOPERA winery began in the middle of the 19th century, when the Nopera family left Malta and moved to Samos.

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Mercouri Estate

Pyrgos, Ilia

Τhe estate vineyards are located beside the family residence and in two nearby locations, with a total area of approximately 40 acres. The land and the climate are particularly well-suited for the production of high-quality wines and the vineyards are certified for Best Farming Practice. The estate grows more than 15 varieties of grape of both Greek and international origin, from which the wines are produced.

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Kitrvs Winery

Pydna, Pieria

Our vineyard along with the winery is situated, not accidentally, in an area that has been populated from ancient times. As from 6th century the nearby village of Pydna was the Holly See and up to the liberation the residence of the ottoman sovereign.

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Venetsanos Winery


Venetsanos winery is located right above the port of Athinios, overlooking the magnificent caldera of Santorini. The Venetsanos family has a very long tradition in producing wine.

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Tinos island

In a landscape scattered with enormous round granite boulders, a geological phenomenon to be found in only two or three other places around the world, in an area protected as of exceptional natural beauty, Alexandre Avatangelos with Gérard Margeon dreamt of vineyards springing up.

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Gikas Winery

Spata, Attiki

There’s something very inviting about the Gikas Winery as soon as you set eyes on it. Once you enter into the attractive large wooden door at the front of the caste-like stone structure you’ll be impressed with the high-tech equipment, barrels and vats that represent its beating heart.

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Domaine Diamantakos


Domaine Diamantakos is located in the PDO Naoussa area. It is essentially a family firm and the produced wine is a product of the love we have for vinery and wine. We are the third generation of winemakers, counting more than ten years of bottling labeled products.

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Estate Theodorakakos


At the heart of Laconia, one can find the vineyard and winery of George Theodorakakos, a family business which has strongly connected its history to the Laconian wine since the beginning of the 20th century.

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Estate Foundi

Strantza, Naoussa

Estate Foundi is located 4km outside the city of Naoussa in Northern Greece, in the overgrown housing estate of Nea Strantza. It is a small family enterprise that is active in the field of wine production since 1992.

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Idaia Winery


Idaia winery is a family company whose members have obtained remarkable achievements thanks to their knowledge, experience and love for wine production. Their passion for the wine targets in attracting more and more people in order to initiate them in the charm of wines.

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Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Adriani, Drama

Domaine Costa Lazaridi with distinctive title “Chateau Julia”, was founded in Adriani, Drama in 1992. It is the evolution of a small family winery that started producing small quantities of wine in the early 80’s.

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Sgouridi Wines

Avdira, Xanthi

Sgouridi Wines Ltd. is the vision and life project of Sgouridi family. Panagiotis, Anastasia and threir sons Sgouris and Napoleon, gradually created a private organic vineyard of aproximately 25 acres, which is situated in the farmlands of Mandra village in Avdira region on the coastline of Thrace.

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Dougos Winery

Itea, Larisa

It was in 1991 that the Dougos family embarked on its trip to the world of Greek wine. A trip meant to develop into a fascinating creation of vineyards and top quality wines. The company’s primary concerns have always been the wish for development of wine quality as well as respect for the environment – the vineyards are organically cultivated – and the consumers’ health.

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Gazoritis Winery

Gazoros, Serres

The «Gazoritis» winery has been a result of the passion for quality wine, of the brothers John and Sotiris Boulios and friend Christos Tholoulis and has been functioning as a continuance of the local vineyard – winemaking tradition of the area.

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Limnos Organic Wines


Limnos Organic Wines began operations in 2002 with the purpose of producing limited, superior quality wine from organic grapes. It takes advantage of the reliable, rich soil and the dynamic selection of vineyards on the island of Limnos.

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Domaine Papagiannakos


Mesogaia, Attica. The blessed land of the famed Attica Vine. A land which is truly special and blessed by the gods. And surrounded by the sea which protects and nurtures it. The fruit of this land is borne of soft winters and warm and benevolent summers.

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Domaine Biblia Chora

Kokkinochori, Kavala

Domaine Biblia Chora is situated on the slopes of mount Pangeon at Kokkinochori, Kavala. In 1998, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou created a vineyard of biological cultivation which today extends to over 350 acres. Within this stretch of land is the modern winery in which the wines of the Domaine are produced.

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Dalamaras Winery


Since 1840, the Dalamaras family has been involved in wine making and distillation. The spirit and tradition of a proud heritage have been passed down to the fifth generation of Dalamara family who show the same dedication to the values that governed the founder.

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Argatia Winery

Rodochori, Naoussa

The small familial enterprise of Argatia was founded in 2000 by Panagiotis Georgiadis, specialist in collective actions of viti-vinicultural sector and Dr Haroula Spinthiropoulou, agronomist, specialist in viticulture, writer of the book “Grapevine varieties of Greece”.

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Diamantakis Winery

Heraklion, Crete

The winery is a modern new producer of quality wines in Crete. It is located southwest of the city of Heraklion in the heart of the province Malevizi, outside the village of Kato Asites and the historic Monastery of St. George Gorgolaini, in the eastern foothills of Psiloritis at an altitude of 450 meters, a region with a long history in vine cultivation and the production of wines and spirits.

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Arlekinon Chora

Narthákion, Larisa

On the foot of Mount Narthakio and in the heart of Thessaly – Central Greece, lies the winery and vineyards of Arlekinon Chora. With absolute respect towards the environment that surrounds us and by investing in organic cultivation, we minimize the interventions on all the stages of our production.

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Aivalis Winery


In our vineyards total area of 35 acres cultivated varieties AGIORGITIKO, SYRAH, CABERNET, MERLOT. In recent years, the winery, wine and white wines of high quality varieties CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, ASSYRTIKO.

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Estate Kelesidi

Giannakochori, Naoussa

In the heart of wineries of Χinomavro, in the area of Giannakochori, Imathiα, Kelesidi’s Estate produces PDO Naoussa and PGI Imathia wines with special care.

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Estate Papaioannou


Thanasis Papaioannou is one of the first producers who understood and promoted the idea that wine must maintain its unique characteristics. These characteristics come of the grape variety, the vineyards location as well as the procedures, which are followed by the viticulturist – producer for the sake of a biological balance.

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