Greek Wine


“Where can I find information about Greek grape variety X?”
“How can I get in touch with Greek winery Y?”
“Who sells/imports/distributes the wines of Z in my country?”

These were some of the questions I used to get all the time from friends, colleagues, fellow-professionals, even people I didn’t know, who wanted (or even needed) to find out more about Greek wine. On the positive side, interest on Greek wine has been growing over the past few years and it looks set to continue to do so. On the not so positive side, such enquiries took a long time and lots of different resources to get answered – or sometimes they just didn’t.

That was in the past. I decided to do something about it because… well, I love Greek wine! And that’s why was born. My vision the  definitive resource that will contain knowledge and updated information on Greek wine for its – professional and amateur – friends all over the world.

I know it’s not easy. Also, it’s by no means complete today, and hopefully it will never be. Being dynamic means building all the time. That’s why we’ll be adding content and categories every day, and we’ll be relying on your feedback to make it better and more comprehensive.

Feel free to wander around its pages; and make sure you make it your number one reference on all things Greek wine. Oh and if there’s something you need to know that’s not covered by, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us. We can’t promise to have all the answers, but we guarantee you that we won’t rest until we find what you need!

Welcome to!
It’s great to be here, it’s awesome to have you with us!

Ted Lelekas